05 Pro Tips of Garena Free Fire To Dominate

Hi, all Garena free fire players!

Want to break into Leaderboard in Garena Free Fire?

 We have summarized the top 05 tips which will help you reach in the heroic level without any hassle.

All these tips and tricks are written by top Garena Players who ooze out their experience in writing these tips.

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05 Pro tips by Garena Pro Players in 2019

1. Push your Rank Alone

If you want to break into Heroic levels in Garena free fire, then you will need a good team, and they will be not available all the time.

In fact, most of the time, you need to push your rank alone to get over to Heroic level in a faster lane.

If you don’t have any good team which can support in your campaign, then don’t get disheartened, almost all top players push their rank alone for heroic.

What are the benefits of playing alone?

There are many benefits of playing alone in rank push matches, some of them are as follows

  • No extra baggage to look for healing or cover fire
  • You will play more attentive and hatch your own plan
  • While playing solo, people generally don’t rush (take the aggressive risk)
  • You can plan your own sweet strategy
  • You can land in a safer place and hide during the whole match to show up in the crucial hours
  • No need to share any ammunition or medi-kits
  • No competition to pick up a good weapon before your teammates
  • No communication gap or maintaining arrogant teammates who will never listen to you
  • More focus and concentration while playing solo games
  • You can easily kill the enemy as he will also not get the help of his teammates
  • In Solo, you will get huge points which are way bigger than duo or Squad
  • You can use strategies like
    • Fire and hide
    • Evading and surviving till the end

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2. Choose the best combination of weapon

If you want to break into the heroic level, you need to choose the correct combination of a weapon in Rank Match.

Choosing a weapon in a rank match depends on how you are playing the game.

For Solo: the Best combination

  • Assault Rifle (MK41 or AK46) + SMG
  • Assault Rifle + Shotgun

Do not take any other weapon combination if you are playing a solo game. No need to take sniper gun or Scar or Famas

You can exchange with Groza if you prefer in the later stage, but AK46 is an ultimate killing machine and has a high rate of damage then Groza and MK41

For the team: the Best combination

  • Assault Rifle (MK41 or AK46) + SMG
  • Assault Rifle + Shotgun

Apart from this one of the team members should carry sniper rifle in place of Assault Rifle

Most probably

  • SKS or AWM or Dragunov + SMG/ Shotgun

Always remember in a team, you should have one person who can take long-distance short with Sniper Rifle.

Teammates can shoot with Rifle with 4X attachment, but the damage capacity of sniper Rifle is more than Assault Rifle.

3. What you will choose Grenade, Glueball, shock Bomb?

If you have space constraint and you need to choose between these three items in the free fire, what you will choose?

Well, most the players will go for Grenade, because it will wipe out an enemy with one single blow.


Wrong, you are totally wrong!

Top Players never carry grenades in the rank push, they will always carry Glue Balls as much as they can, and if space permits then only they take one or two Grenades.

Shocking but true!

You can wipe our enemy with Grenades, but when you are playing at higher levels, all players are more experienced and they will never get killed with grenades.

Your only buddy in Rank push is Glue ball.

With glueball, you can stop incoming bullets, incoming vehicles, incoming grenade attacks.

You would get ample time to take you medi-kits if you got injured during the battle.

Always, remember to choose Glueball over Grenade or Shock bomb in a rank push.

4. Fight as a team if you are playing in Team

We have summarized two pro tips in this category where you will always win while you play with your teammates during a rank push.

(a) Throw Grenade and send you teammates to fight

What does that mean?

Whenever there is a fight in a house or in close quarters, then you need to throw grenade at the enemy and tell your teammates to rush (fight close-quarter)

What is the point of throwing grenades?

Well, when you throw grenades, it will only give damages to your and your enemy, your teammates will never get a scratch with a grenade.

So, use this pro tip to attack your enemy with a grenade and send your friends inside the building to fight.

If an enemy runs, then they can be easily killed by your teammates, if they don’t run, they will easily kill by the Grenade.

In both cases, you will win.

(b) keep your healing gun ready when you fight

When every you are engaging with the enemy, and you are playing in a team.

Keep the healing gun ready and keep on firing on your teammates who are shooting at the enemy.

What is the point in doing this method?

Well, your teammates will be exposed to the enemy team, and they will start shooting at him.

In the meantime, you will keep on shooting healing gun to your teammates putting this health back to normal.

In this crucial time, your friend will easily eliminate all the enemy with a headshot as he will never bother about his health as you will be constantly replenishing his health.

Believe us, these tricks and strategy no one will reveal, you can use this strategy and get the booyah easily.

5. better use of landmine

Landmine is a silent killer in Garena free fire which can wipe out the enemy without any trace.


But landmine is super buddies, who can win you match if you use it properly.

There are many place and way by which you can use landmine and kill your enemy.

Let’s discuss some of the places where you can place your landmine.

  • Pro players place landmine where ladder end, along with health kit to kill the enemy
  • You can put landmine in the starting or ending point of the ropeway.
  • Landmine is generally placed at airdrop after you have looted it
  • Landmine is placed in the ladder end where you hide inside the tin boxes
  • Landmine is generally placed in the entrance or below the window location of rooms.
  • You should always put landmine while fighting near your Glueball, so that enemy will come and get caught into the trap.

Final words

So, these are the 05 Pro Tips of Garena Free Fire to Reach heroic level.

Concentrate on all the tips and reach into a heroic level in Garena free fire in style.

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