Coin Master Tips To Top Leaderboards

Are you looking for Coin Master Cheats where you can clear your level fast?

Well, now you can check all the awesome tips and Tricks of Coin Master which you can use to clear your level fast.

As you all know Coin Master game is developed by Moon Active and is no#1 game is its category with 50 Million installs from Google Play Store.

Features of Coin master which makes its No#1

  • A free game which is available to all gaming platform such as iOS, Android and Facebook
  • Loved by all age groups
  • Combine casino-style slot machine with city building game
  • free Spin and get game goodies which will help you build your village
  • Epic Viking story with a cool pet as characters
  • You can feed you cute pets to get some work for you
  • Attack another player village and get some coins to build your village
  • Connect your Coin Master game account with social media account like Facebook to get game goodies
  • You can save progress when you connect with Facebook
  • Play with online friends and family members
  • Introduction of different card
  • Complete the card collection to get cool rewards
  • Discover different villages and build them
  • Attack the game master village to get huge rewards
  • Participate in the events to get huge rewards

06 Coin Master Tips and Tricks

1. Login and Play daily

Put on the crown and raid the villages, “Viking King.”

You need to login and play daily to earn free spins and game goodies.

There were no accumulative spins when you did not log for many days.

To avail your free spin, you need to login daily, and spin gets those free spin which is available in the morning.

If you did not find time to play Coin master, just make a habit of login daily to avail those free spins.

We recommend spending at least 05 min per day into your Coin master account to get all the free spin and game goodies to make progress in the game.

2. Connect your Account with Facebook

There are many benefits when you connect your coin master account with Facebook, some of them are as follows

  • You will receive free spin 50 (one time)
  • You will receive free coins 100k (one time)
  • All your game progress will be saved
  • You can also play this game with Facebook version
  • Check all friends and family member progress
  • Check the leaderboard
  • Exchange cards among friends

3. Keep collecting your Pets

You should keep collecting pets in Coin Master games which will help you in your progress.

Pets are the cute introduction of Coin Master game, which should be used judiciously to get some rewards in the game progress.

All the pets in the Coin Master game have some advantages which you should use to get most out of your pets.

For example:

  • Foxy will give you 20% more on coin fetching
  • Tiger will give you 20% more on attack
  • Rhino will help you defend your village

So, depending on your pet, you can choose how to utilize it.

You need to feed your pet for getting him to activate for 04 hours.

Whenever you are going to attack other players village, feed your Foxy, so that he will help you get more coins per attack.

4. keep Completing Card Collection

Coin Master game has introduced card collection, where it has 33 categories with 09 Cards each.

You need to complete these cards, including the golden card to complete one set of card collection.

After you complete any card collection, the game will reward with huge coins and game goodies which you can use to complete your present level.

One of the best option Coin Master game has introduced is to exchange your cards.

You can now exchange your cards with rare cards with friends or family members to complete your card collection.

5. Keep on Raiding villages

Coin Master game is built around spin slot machine, building your village and raiding another player village.

Keep on raiding on enemy villages in Coin Master game; you need to plunder their village to get maximum coins.

Coins are the basic currency in Coin Master game; you can build your village using these currencies.

So, keep using your hammer and pig face to raiding villages.

6. Do not keep coins in your base

You need to spend all the coins which are present in your base.

Saving coins in Coin Master game is a bad idea, as this game is open to all online players who can attack your village any time.

Your village of Coin Master can be attacked more than 10 times per day when you are away.

So, keep this in mind and try to complete all construction and upgradation work in your Village before you log off.

Final words

These are the 06 Coin Master tips and cheats which you can use to level up your game.

Check all the methods given here and use them when you play Coin Master game.

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